A market leader in the slot machine gaming industry, as per the specialized tops, Max Bet offers its clients the highest quality in gaming and entertainment services in the most spectacular locations in Romania. The objective of Max Bet is to offer memorable experiences to all the clients and in all categories of locations, from the street ones to the high class places located in the biggest shopping centres throughout the country. In its high class location at Baneasa Shopping City, Max Bet welcomes you in a friendly electric atmosphere, with a variety of weekly and monthly events hosted by renowned artists in the Romanian show-bizz. In the Max Bet locations, the professional staff are permanently available for the clients, giving clear and full information on all services and categories of prizes, local and extended jackpots, promotional campaigns. Besides the wins in store for you at Max Bet, you can visit any gaming room at any time to relax in an intimate and cosy environment, or to have fun with your friends.

Program: L-D: 10:00-22:00