Viggo Steakhouse

Viggo Steakhouse builds its reputation in the local gastronomical landscape by selecting premium quality ingredients. Sourced from US or Australia, our meat is guaranteed to please the desire for a delicacy. The result? Each cut is packed with an exciting balance of flavor and texture. The steaks are cooked to perfection and beautifully served.

Knife Man lights the fire for an artistry performance. This warm welcome of Chef Cumali Adiguzel is our culinary signature. Entertainment is just the start of an amazing experience. His style of cutting and preparing the meat stands for an authentic surprise. Knife Man handles the Ottoman dagger through an attentive technique. His theatrical gestures are emphasizing the simplest seasoning: the dexterity of adding salt.

Thus, Chef Cumali Adigüzel, also known as KNIFE MAN, elevates the performance of the restaurant's culinary team through theatre and a modern twist on live cooking. With a true love for food and intriguing techniques, he orchestrates a team of 5 Turks and 23 Romanians. Before embarking on a new adventure to Romania, his culinary journey included countries such as Kuwait, Qatar, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iraq. Excited to oversee the culinary operations, he aims at high standards for the menu, staff and cooking equipment.


Program: L-D: 10:00-22:00 

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