Taco Bell

Taco Bell is the main chain of QSR (quick service restaurants), of Mexican inspiration, where you can enjoy having your meal. The food you want to talk about and you are fond of tasting again and again. What products do we have? Taco Bell is the inventor of urban tastes, therefore we offer a wide range of unique products. Crunchy Taco, Fajita Burrito, Chicken Quesadilla and Crunchwrap Supreme are only a few. What ingredients do we use? Beef, pork or chicken, combined with varieties of beans, fresh vegetables, cheese and our special sauces: Mild, Hot and Fire. The menu is fully customizable: you can combine all the ingredients, depending on how brave or hungry you are. Whether you would like something vegetarian, with meat or something sweet, Taco Bell always has dishes matching your tastes. As Taco Bell brings you Mexican food and gives a flavoured touch to your life!

Program: L-D: 10:00-22:00 

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