Marks & Spencer presents exclusively the spring collection, created in collaboration with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

This spring, Marks & Spencer recommendations are satin combined with French lace and metallic accents in rose gold shades, specific to the Rosie brand. The floral prints are monochrome and meet in perfect contrast the bird prints, for which a range of bright colors, such as blue and purple, interspersed with pastel shades are used.

On the aesthetic level, the lingerie collection is inspired by the vintage style, which is combined with modern elements. Thus, the beau bra matches the boxers or knickers models.

The lingerie is inspired by the elegant and refined oriental upholstery, while the household items are inspired by the beauty of the crane bird, whose print is found on the set of pajamas, as well as on the dressing gown.

Discover the new collection in Baneasa Shopping City!

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