FW17 Preview collection from Diesel

Between folk and grunge, Preview collection for 2017 Autumn-Winter season pick its inspiration from music festivals and rock concerts: suede leather with edging, blouses with puffed sleeves and denim jackets.

Dark and profound, this collection compensate all the black looks with floral elegant imprints and  imprints with cats for man items.

Feminine silhouettes are upright and minimalist and the masculine ones are simple and rationalized, discovered through carved pants and black skinny jeans. Zippers and print-posters give more life to classical biker jackets and satin bombers jackets.

This season, Heritage look of denim items combine handcrafted shades expertise with the most advanced innovation in shredding treatment of denim. Modern & contemporary offer us a compromise between basic esential pieces and blue, black and grey colors.