DIESEL collaborates with COCA-COLA for a capsule collection made from recycled materials

This fall, two iconic brands, Coca-Cola and Diesel, have joined forces to create The (Re)Collection: a masterfully edgy capsule collection that incorporates recycled materials. This collaboration aims to raise awareness about the value of recycling through all the pieces made with recycled PET fabrics.

In Romania, the collection was presented at the dedicated event in Bucharest, in the Diesel store Baneasa Shopping City. Guests tried on the capsule collection pieces, including recycled materials such as recycled PET from plastic bottles and recycled cotton, to create a fresh and modern interpretation of the aesthetic of casual Diesel pieces, combined with the iconic Coca-Cola footprint, to make a statement.

The guests enjoyed the unique taste of Coca-Cola, and all the PETs were collected at the end of the day, to be recycled.

The capsule collection blends the Coca-Cola and DIESEL DNAs to create something truly special: Coca-Cola - known for celebrating closeness and inclusion and DIESEL - known for challenging its audience through irony, boldness and the ability to hinder compliance. Both brands have collaborated to celebrate two unique entities and the representative products they create.

The creative concept of the campaign and the execution were made by Publicis Italia.



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