Benefits for Cinema: a real premiere in CITY iLOVE app

Because we always intend to make you #FeelSpecial (#TeSimtiDeosebit) we bring in your attention, in premiere, new advantages with CITY iLOVE app. Now you can buy and make reservations for Cinema tickets directly from your mobile phone!

Based on your level in CITY iLOVE app, any movie ticket with standard seat can be upgraded to Premium seat or can includes a supplement for Grand Utra Hall, the only movie hall with both Dolby Atmos system and 4K projection.

The good news keep going for Grand Entertainment card owners! If you buy movie tickets using directly CITY iLOVE app you can continue to accumulate the respective points on this card.

Upload the app, activate your CITY iLOVE user account and discover the new benefits from Grand Cinema & More #UpgradeForSenses (UpgradePentruSimturi).