Băneasa Shopping City suspends its activity starting March 23, 2020 to protect the community, customers, retailers as well as its employees

Băneasa Shopping City announces temporary suspension of business activity to protect the community, customers, retailers and employees from COVID-19

Băneasa Shopping City believes that it is their duty to protect the community, customers, retailers as well as the employees who carry out their daily activities in the shops of the mall, because their health and safety are a permanent priority. Exception to this measure is the Carrefour hypermarket which will have working hours between 08.00-21.00 and pharmacies that will have working hours between 10.00-21.00.

"Băneasa Shopping City, the retailers' employees and the mall team, form a community that we respect and whose safety and health have now become capital objectives. It is an unprecedented situation for us. In all our activity we have not had to make a similar decision, but the recent events and the difficult times that the society faces, forces us to take responsibility. In the 12 years of operation, Băneasa Shopping City has positioned itself as a leader in the retail market and we want to continue to inspire and offer an example of responsibility through our decision during this difficult time. We are aware that the measure will have a significant economic impact on our business, but now it is essential to have an attitude that facilitates prevention. We want to remain united in the efforts to protect, to be responsible and to safely surpass this difficult period!" said Arthur Popa, CEO of Băneasa Shopping City.

International experience, authorities and specialists recommend social spacing, as this is the only effective method to prevent the spread of the virus, and it is in the best interest of the entire local community and not only, to comply with this recommendation and to take preventive measures.

Băneasa Shopping City will come back with more info as the situation evolves, considering the recommendations of the authorities.


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