Gift Voucher - use it until January 31st 2018, then enjoy the new Gift Card!

With Băneasa Gift Voucher you can offer your loved ones the freedom to choose their own dream gift.

Gift Voucher means a shopping experience that you offer. The recipient can come and choose whatever he wants from partner stores, and he can pay for them with gift vouchers or a cash difference, as he prefers.

You can still use your Băneasa Shopping City shopping voucher until the expiration date on it, January 31, 2018. Starting February 1, 2018, vouchers will no longer be accepted as a payment method in the shopping center's shops and they will  be replaced by a digital payment method - Băneasa Gift Card. Gift Vouchers can not be exchanged with Gift Cards.

Discover the new Băneasa Gift Card

Gift Card is more than a simple shopping voucher, it's a shopping experience because:
- can be used in over 200 stores in the shopping center
- you can check your card balance at any time *
- can be ordered online *
* Using the CITY iLOVE application or by visiting

More details about the new Băneasa Gift Card can be found here.

Discover the new Băneasa Gift Card that you can buy whenever you want to give your loved ones a premium shopping experience!