Băneasa Shopping City offers more than commercial spaces, it offers extraordinary experiences. With 23 000 000 annual visits and an audience made up mainly of demanding clients, entrepreneurs or top level managers from multinational companies, with higher education and higher incomes, interested in a variety of products, brands or collections and who wish to stand out in the crowd, we offer the best advertising and awareness opportunities for a unique impact on the buyer.

Make your message visible!
Whether you are looking for a large surface, high visibility, outdoor or indoor, glossy print media or for a better display opportunity, such as digital totems or video advertising presented in the cinema before the start of a movie or just custom projects for consumers, we have them all.


Check out our Baneasa Shopping City and STYLER media kits for detailed information on each option:

  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Print
  • Digital
  • Custom projects